What If Winter Lasted for Years Like It Does on 'Game of Thrones'?

Winter is not coming to the northern hemisphere — and we have our planet’s tilt to thank.Earth’s axis is slightly tilted as it rotates around the sun. This means that the sun’s rays don’t hit our planet equally: If the rays directly hit the northern hemisphere, it spells winter for the southern hemisphere, and vice versa. Because the Earth is titled, as it orbits the sun, certain latitudes of the planet receive more or less sunlight during each season. [5 Real-Life Inspirations for ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters]But what if the seasons — and specifically, winter — lasted for years on our planet like they do on “Game of Thrones”?It depends on how it happened, said Christopher Walcek, a senior research associate at the University of Alabany’s Atmospheric Sciences Research Center. In other words, to answer the question, you’d need to