Vox Editor Calls for More Violent Protests: ‘If Trump Comes to Your Town, Start a Riot’

As violent protests against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and his supporters reached a boiling point Thursday night in San Jose, California, one editor at Vox is calling on anti-Trump activists to keep the riots coming.

As ABC News reporter Tom Llamas was reporting that Trump supporters were being “terrorized and beaten up by mobs of protesters,” Vox editor Emmett Rensin took to Twitter to mock the development.

A few minutes later, the Vox editor began explicitly calling for more rioting against the “fascist” billionaire businessman and his faithful followers, declaring, “If Trump is Hitler then you’ve got no business condemning rioters.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to Rensin’s suggestion, many mocking Vox for the content it publishes.

Friday morning, defending the controversial posts he published Thursday evening, Rensin tweeted that, though attacks on another human being are “categorically immoral,” damaging property is “vastly more negotiable.”

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