Tory MEP: If Not For Cameras Present, Farage ‘Would Have Been Dealt With’

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Conservative Party MEP Sajjad Karim has said that UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage “would have been dealt with” during his Brexit tour around the United Kingdom, were it not for the cameras present. Karim – who defected from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservative Party in 2007 in order to hang on to his seat in the European Parliament – was engaged in a Twitter spat with a Conservative Party councillor over the EU referendum when he let slip his assertion that people would resort to violence if it weren’t for journalists and television cameras present. Mr. Karim’s defection earned him the nickname “Sal-vage Ca-reer” amongst EU Parliament colleagues. On Twitter, he said: “Young Brits are now challenging @UKIP on lack of performance! UKIP’s Nigel Farage heckled on Birmingham walkabout”. @mollygiles2015 Yes he has bn brave to face them by himself – thank goodness cameras present otherwise I’m sure he wld hv bn dealt with… — Sajjad Karim MEP (@SHKMEP) June 2, 2016 He was quickly rebuked by Tory councillor Molly Giles who corrected Karim’s assertion that the walkabout saw mass opposition. “one guy on an “otherwise well received walkabout”….but hey don’t let the facts get in the