The Truth About Punishing Women for Abortion: It Never Happened and Never Will

In this May 13, 2015 photo, a 25-year-old woman who did not want to be identified, who used misoprostol to terminate an unplanned pregnancy in January, poses for a photo in Santiago, Chile. "I’d tell every woman who wants to abort or has aborted in Chile that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to feel guilty about. Our bodies belong to us and it’s our decision,” she said. (AP Photo/Luis Hidalgo)
“The political claim—that women were or will be prosecuted or jailed under abortion laws—has been made so frequently by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NOW over the past 40 years that it has become an urban legend. It shows the astonishing power of contemporary media to make a complete falsehood into a truism.”
Source: Breitbart