Lil Scrappy’s Friend & Car Crash Passenger Ca$ino Roulette Suing Over Accident

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Lil Scrappy is back at home after spending eight days in the hospital following a pretty serious car crash in Miami, but he’s not totally out of the clear yet, physically or legally.

Reports emerged last week that the Love & Hip Hop star was hospitalized after he was found unconscious following a bad car accident he was involved in after leaving Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club. The rapper, who was thankful to be alive, posted a number of photos on Instagram showing off the extent of his injuries, which included a broken foot.

“Man God is great I can’t even show u the car,” Scrappy wrote, while also mentioning that his passenger—his friend, rapper Ca$ino Roulette—was also banged up pretty bad in the crash. “We f**ked up but God saved our lives. I’m blessed with a wife and daughter to